We Sell Records

We buy stock every month and our site will be updated after each purchase.  Apart from “Special Offer Area”, all vinyl records are SEALED, MINT or MINT-.  In our catalogue, all the price are based on American dollars (USD) and providing reference prices in terms of Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) and China Renminbi (CNY).
Most records listed are early pressings or 2nd Label.  If in doubt, please ask!  If you find something interested, please reach us as soon as you can.  Write if you prefer, the best choices are FAX and Email.
All single LPs and double LPs in folding albums (as opposed to boxed sets) were put in heavy plastic sleeves as soon as they were purchased.  All plain paper inner sleeves have been replaced with audiophile quality anti-static sleeves. 
Please use the shopping cart system to place an order.  LPs are subject to prior sales.  I have only one copy of each disc listed, and will fill orders on a first-come, first served basis as the “orders” arrive via email.  The shopping cart does not take credit cards, and actually should be viewed more as a wish list for placing a preliminary order.  All orders are finalized via email with the person placing the order.  I can take checks drawn on HSBC (Hong Kong) or cash deposits to the Bank of China (Mainland China) or PayPal, which allows you to pay with your credit card (signup is free).  If you need to contact me directly for any reason concerning these LPs, please write to: orders at absolutemusik.com.
We then reserve records for you, and send an order confirmation showing the amount you need to pay.  Do NOT send money until you receive any confirmation.
All LPs are sold “as is”.