Absolutemusik.com (Absolute Music)

As a serious vinyl record collector, I would like to share my experience in record collection.  Even we may sell records online, our aim is for hobby and exchange rather than profit making.

There are parts in this website.  Please click on to the URL for different types of contents:

Appreciation Notes (Webmaster’s notes on Music Appreciation) – this section is to share my music appreciation experiences

Appreciation Information (Music Appreciation Information)  – this section is collecting different resources for music appreciation.

Record Collection – this section is sharing detailed information about collecting music records

Product Catalog – this section is selling our collection of books, records and souvenirs for exchanging other records and/or collections.

Contact us – our contact information is available at here.

(REMARK: the best way to contact us is email or fax.  The webmaster is working in a full time job and not able to receive any phone call!)

Words from the WebMaster – SamSam

In 2013, the domain name absolutemusik.com was not renewed because the owner’s serious illness.  From the end of 2013 to the end of 2022, the control of this domain fell into the hands of a Japanese company.  During these nine years, the webmaster temporarily posted content and articles in the reinemusik.com without writing new articles for years. Today, I have re-acquired absolutemusik.com and I must cherish this platform to share my experience in music appreciation. In the past nine years, I have begun to expand listening types of music including jazz, pop and electronic music, etc., which has opened my eyes and changed my thinking about music.

In the future, the Music Appreciation Notes will include articles not limited to classical or opera, such as introductions to jazz, pop and electronic music.  Music Appreciation Information on music appreciation should include more information on online or digital music appreciation to cope with social changes and developments.