Record Collection

In the Record Collection session, different areas of information is being consolidated for collecting music records including vinyl, CD and Audio DVD.

Vinyl Collection

  1. Classical Vinyl Label – different classical labels worldwide are being listed with basic introduction
  2. Jazz Vinyl Label – different Jazz labels in US are being listed with basic introduction
  3. Stylus Tuning – introduce how to set up stylus before playing music
  4. Storing Vinyl – provides guidelines of storing vinyl records
  5. Cleaning Vinyl – provides guidelines of cleaning vinyl records

CD / DVD Collection

  1. Collectible CD pressing – shares the valuable CD versions / pressings for collection or even investment
  2. Storing CD/DVD – provides guidelines of storing CD/DVD discs
  3. Cleaning CD / DVD – provides guidelines of cleaning CD/DVD discs
  4. Repairing CD / DVD – shows the detailed steps of repairing CD / DVD scratches