Collectible CD/DVD Records

Although the webmaster is a serious vinyl record collector (due to his preference), it is still worth to share some collectible CD versions.  They are “Japanese Superb Pressing”, “Silver Core”/”Iron Core” (old version, not re-published version) and “silver ring” version.  Apart from these versions, there are “1st pressing” for CDs and these are also very expensive in the local Hong Kong market of collectible.

Japanese Superb Pressing 
For the price, this is likely the highest in the 2nd hand CD music market.  There are TAS listed or R2D4 items with the price level even higher than the vinyl in the same titles.  For “Superb” pressing, the records produced by Philips – Japanese are always the most rare and expensive items.  There are very nice records – especially for those classical music with violin / strings.  You may see them selling at least HK$1,000 (price reference at 2005-7-17).  The package is printed with “Superb” in Japanese.

Silver Code (Iron Core) 
The webmaster is having more silver core CDs published in early days (in the late 80s / early 90s).   I bought them in the 2nd hand market during the time as a secondary school student at less than HK$100 and now at least HK$300 (for those general items – NOT collectible).  There are some favorite brands:

  • Philips – made in Holland
  • DGG – made in West Germany
  • DECCA – made in West Germany
  • Mercury – made in U.S.A.

Silver Ring  
Silver Ring is also early version CD, it is also a rare item.  However, it could not be compared with Japanese Superb Pressing or Silver Core.  However, there is only 10% of CD as silver ring in my CD collections in Classical Music.

There are records selling in this website.  However, the webmaster is never aimed to make a profit by speculation.   For collecting music records, it is just aimed to exchange other valuable items.

(Last Update; 2005-7-20)