Repairing CD/DVD Scratches

Repairing is also an essential lesson for the collectors of CD/DVD. Owing to the webmaster is quite poor, nearly all of the CD/DVD collection is from the 2nd hand market. For some of them, there are some lines and little scratches. In order to play the discs properly, there is a need to learn how to repair the CD/DVD. It is also important to note that the webmaster has never used unauthorized reproduced media.

For the tools needed, they are (a) a piece of woolen cloth, (b) cotton tipped applicators (c) scratch mender. There are not many scratch mending kits can be found in the market. The best one tried by the webmaster is the AUDIO TECHNICA; however, it can be probably found in Japan only.

Audio Technica CD Repairer
Audio Technica CD Repairer

Here are the procedures:
1. put the CD/DVD upside down into a box / a holder
2. use the cotton tipped applicator to apply the scratch mender on to the scratches.
3. wait for 30 seconds and then use the cloth to wipe the CD/DVD surface gently
4. put it into a “dust-free” place to let it dry
5. put it back to a box. That’s all!!!

Due to the high price of “Scratch Mender”, some people in United States use toothpaste to repair CD / DVD. We have tested and the result is quite good. However, both the flatness and smoothness is not as good as the scratch mending kits.

Fixing Scratches by Toothpaste
Fixing Scratches by Toothpaste