Cheap and Reliable Alternative for Stylus Pressure Gauge Scale

Stylus Pressure Gauge Scale is a must-have tool for every vinyl lover.  Previously, I was using SHURE SFG-2 Stylus force gauge scale.  Unfortunately, it takes a long time for tuning this stuff and trying several times to set the stylus successfully.  It is not really practical for a busy person like the webmaster to spend so much time as working more than 12 hours a day.  It is better to find some useful and efficient alternative.

Cheap Electronic Gauge Scale

It is very expensive to buy electronic – Stylus Pressure Gauge Scale.  With a good friend’s recommendation, I have tried to use a pocket electronic scale as the substitute.  For the excellent effect, I would like to share to everyone.

Pocket Size Electronic Scale
Pocket Size Electronic Scale

With the picture above, this is the exact one being used by the webmaster and also one of the cheapest one in the market.  During the tuning, it is possible to place the scale on top a piece of cardboard or a book and needed to keep it in level to the turntable.

To conclude, you should check the scale reading the figure and tune the arm at the same time until the figure is fit as the manual instruction by the stylus and/or the turntable.  Actually, it i very similar to use the very expensive stylus pressure gauge scale (by audio equipment manufacturer).