Cleaning Vinyl

Cleaning is a very important activity for vinyl collectors. For any dirt on a vinyl, it could harm the stylus and the vinyl itself while playing.

Cleaning without Cleaning Machine

Before cleaning, please prepare the following tools:
1. a plastic tray (the size should fit a piece of 12″ vinyl)

2. a face-brush (selling in cosmetic shops)

3. a tiny bit of Neutral Scour

4. cotton cloth / sponge

5. distilled water 1-2 Litre (depending on the size of vinyls)

Other accessories are:
1. Distinfectant Wet Tissues (alcohol one not recommended)

2. shelf for placing vinyl for drying

3. chopsticks / stick

4. Elastic

Wet tissue

Cleaning Process:

1. fill up the plastic tray with distilled water up to half-full

2. put few drops of neutral scour into the distilled water

3. If you have wet tissues, clean the vinyl surface gently to remove mildew.

4. put the vinyl into the solution, rub the vinyl with cloth or sponge in order to clean up the dirt inside the tracks.

5. wash the vinyls with distilled waster

6. dry up the vinyl with another piece of cloth or sponge.

7. place the vinyl to a “dust-free” area. Use a stick and shelf to hold the vinyl for further drying.

8. after drying, put the vinyl with a piece of new anti-static sleeve.


Cleaning with Cleaning Machine

There are hundreds of Vinyl Cleaning machine but their operating methods are quite similar. We will take VPI as an example in washing.

Before cleaning, the following tools should be prepared:

1. Special design cleaning brush for vinyl records (generally as a free gift with a cleaning machine)

2. vinyl cleaning solution (possibly DIY)

3. Disinfectant Wet Tissues (NOT compulsory)

Vinyl Cleaning Machine

Cleaning Process:

1. To use the Wet Tissues to clean the dirts on the vinyl surfaces

2. put the vinyl on to the cleaning machine properly and lock the vinyl by the screw-head

3. switch on the turntable button

4. inject cleaning solution on to the service and use the brush to clean up the surface

5. move the spinner to the right position with 90 degree

6. to confirm the vinyl is locked properly; then switch on the dryer pomp (note: )

7. For VPI washer, 10 circle is recommended during the “drying” progress (For those using Keith Monk / LoriCraft, 1 circle is enough.)

8. After the vinyl is 100% dry, put the vinyl into a new inner sleeves.

(last update: 2005/7/20)