CUT OUT Vinyl Records

CUT-OUT record, are the discs sold with holes punched or drilled in the package. For these records, which are selling in great discounts. These are records that the label or distributor have decided to no longer carry in their catalog (known as “cut-out titles” in the business), and their remaining stock is sold in bulk at a deep discount, often pennies per disc. They are different from promotional copy. Promotional Copy is totally free to media or other organization for promotion but the CUT-OUT are those selling in great discounts.


There are several examples on CUT-OUT vinyl:

1. corner-cut, quite common method in cut-out

2. punched, comparatively fewer

3. saw cut, most common one

LP cutout angle
Corner Cut
LP cutout punch
LP cutout - saw
Saw Cut


The followings are examples of CUT-OUT CDs

1. drilled, the case only has been damaged and the inserts are undamaged

2. narrow saw cut, the case only has been damaged and the inserts are undamaged

3. narrow saw cut, both the case only and the inserts are undamaged

4. wider saw cut (the most common in my experience)

5. wider saw cut; it was evidently done through a long box, as remnants of the brown paperboard are embedded in the melted plastic.

6. the last two are cardboard packages that have been marked with some sort of saw, scraping off the printed layer of the paperboard.

CD Cutout Drilled
CD cutout narrow saw good insert
narrow saw good inserts
CD cutout narrow saw bad insert
narrow saw bad inserts
CD cutout thick saw bad insert
thick saw bad insert
CD cutout thick saw melt insert
thick saw melt insert
CD cutout lightcut

(Last Updated Date: 2006/4/14)