JAZZ Vinyl Labels – ATLANTIC


Atlantic Records (Atlantic Recording Corporation) is a record label founded in 1947 by Ahmet Ertegun and Herb Abramson. In the early fifties Ahmet was joined by Jerry Wexler and then Nesuhi Ertegun. Athough it began as an independent record company, it became a major player in the jazz and pop music business in the 1960s.

Several sub-labels have been created or acquired since then. Atco Records was started in 1955 by Herb Abramson. Spark Records (the record label of Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller) was purchased in November 1955. Others including Lava Records, 143 Records, and Ruthless Records became part of the Atlantic group.

Atlantic was acquired by Warner Bros.-Seven Arts in 1967. It is currently part of the Warner Music Group, a former division of media conglomerate Time Warner that was sold to a group of investors in 2004.

TLANTIC 系列的 Label

Jazz atlantic mono 1

Jazz atlantic mono 2

Jazz atlantic mono 3
Atlantic Mono 1st label (Black Label)
Atlantic Mono 2nd label in the 1960s, printed 33 1/3 RPM FULL DYNAMICS-FREQUENCY SPECTRUM” at the bottom, with a groove in the label
Atlantic Mono 3rd label (1960s), the logo is in white and located at the right

Jazz atlantic stereo

Jazz atlantic stereo 1

Jazz atlantic stereo 2
Atlantic Stereo 1st label (1960s), green label
Atlantic Stereo 2nd pressing (1960s)
Atlantic Stereo 3rd pressing (1960s)

Jazz atlantic stereo 3

Jazz atlantic stereo 4

Jazz atlantic stereo 5
Atlantic Stereo 4th pressing (late 1960s)
Atlantic Stereo 5th pressing (late 1960s)
Atlantic Stereo 6th pressing Label (1970s)

Jazz atlantic stereo 5 white

JAZZ Vinyl Labels – ATLANTIC
Atlantic Stereo 5th pressing Promotional Label