JAZZ Vinyl Labels – ROULETTE


Roulette Records was started late 1956 by Morris Levy and Phil Khals, but the label was soon sold to Hugo Peretti and Luigi Creatore. Morris Levy was appointed director of the new label.

Some years later they sold the label to Levy, to found Avco Records. Levy grouped Gee, Rama and Tico into Roulette Records. Some years later he also bought Gone Records and End Records from Goldner. In 1958 Root Records was also acquired.

In 1989 Morris Levy sold Roulette Records to a consortium between EMI and Rhino Records.


Jazz roulette

Jazz roulette white groove

Roulette 1st Label, serial starts with R (mono) / SR (stereo)
Roulette 2nd Label, serial starts with R (mono) / SR (stereo)