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For this part, we will introduce not only music web site, but also web sites in other areas including terminals, drama, etc.
Arts Related Information
Hong Kong Leisure & Culture
The Webmaster of this web site, who is living in Hong Kong.  So, we would like to share the cultural programs held in Hong Kong including Arts, Music, Drama, Opera, etc.
1.  Hong Kong Arts Festival the introduction of programs of Hong Kong Arts Festival each year
2.  Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra – the official web site of Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
3.  Leisure and Cultural Services Department – the cultural presentation by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong Government
4.  RTHK Radio 4 a radio channel which mainly broadcast classical music; also promotes traditional Chinese Music and Opera.
5.  Hong Kong Arts Centre Hong Kong Arts Centre helps much in promoting Modern Arts.
Arts Knowledge
1.  Canton Opera United (traditional Chinese web site) a web site talking about the basics of Canton Opera (Traditional Chinese)
Record Collection Information
Records Information
1.   All Music the only one complete record database in Western and Classical Music
2.  “Hong Kong Pop Music Information Court” (English name is for your reference only) with the information of Cantonese Pop Musics from 1950s to 1980s (Traditional Chinese)
3.  Vinyl Paradise (Traditional Chinese) a web site by a vinyl enthusiast; his hard-work on vinyl collection will make you shock.  (Traditional Chinese)
Professional Recommended Records
1.  TAS (The Absolute Sound) the most famous record review
2.  HP List (Harry Pearson’s Super LP List) Harry Pearson’s selections
3.  R2D4 (Record to Die For) another important record review by Stereophile
  4.  Grammy Award with historical information of awarded records / artists in the Grammy Award
5.  Tetsuo Nagaoka’s Recommendations (Japanese) a web site talking about the records recommended by a famous Japanese reviewer called Tetsuo Nagaoka with the additions of Label information  (Japanese)
Web Sites of Our Friends
1.  Recollections Record a 2nd-hand record store specialised in classical music
2.  Hi Fi School (Out of Services Temporarily) an audio web site with the participation of the webmaster
Arts Magazine
1.  The Road to Canton Opera a valuable Canton Opera magazine (Traditional Chinese)