DECCA Records is a British record label established in 1929. Within years of its founding by former stockbroker Edward Lewis, Decca Records Ltd was the second largest record label in the world, calling itself “The Supreme Record Company”. The term “Decca” was never determined to signify a specific meaning or name, but some theories cite the opening musical notes of a Beethoven symphony: “D-E-C-C-A”. A cameo of Beethoven graced the British Decca label for many years.

Decca bought out the bankrupt UK branch of Brunswick Records in 1932, which added such stars as Bing Crosby and Al Jolson to its roster. Decca also bought out the Melotone and Edison Bell record companies. By 1939, Decca was the only record company in UK aside from EMI.

In 1970s, it was disastrous for Decca with lost of Artists gone and suffering big loss. As a result, the story of this empire was totally changed. PolyGram acquired the remains of Decca within days of Lewis’s death in January 1980. Today, Decca is a leading label for both classical music and Broadway scores; which is also a part of the Universal Music Group.


DECCA Labels

DECCA Label – the earlist label, sliver font on black, called “Wide Band”
NOTE: near to the edge at around 3mm distance; with a groove (called “Grooved”, at the 10 o’clock position written “ORIGINAL RECORDING BY”
For wide band label, the clover is also a special one – called “BLUE BORDER BACK” (as shown above).  They are the earliest Decca stereo record with the highest value.

DECCA Wide Band – early Label, sliver font on black – called “Wide Band”, with a groove 15mm away from the edge. At the 10 o’clock direction, the “ORIGINAL RECORDING BY” is printed.

DECCA Wide Band Groove – 2nd label, with a phase “MADE IN ENGLAND BY” at the 10 o’clock position
DECCA Wide Band Late Label, no groove in the Label, called “Wide Band Non-Grooved”

DECCA 1st Label in box-set, serial starts with SET, purple background and sliver fonts
DECCA box set 2nd Label, without small words “Made in England” near the bottom
DECCA box set (Narrow Band) Label

DECCA Wide Band 10″, 1st pressing Label, sliver fonts on blue background, at the 10 o’clock position with “ORIGINAL RECORDING BY”, and the serial starts with SWL
DECCA 45 RPM, 7″ Mono Label, serial starts with CEP, Dark Green Sliver Font
DECCA 45 RPM, 7″ Stereo Label, serial starts with SEC, Dark Green Sliver Font

DECCA (Narrow Band) Label, with ” MADE IN ENGLAND” printed at the 11o’clock direction for those UK pressing
DECCA BB Label, sliver fonts on red. This series was in the 1970s using in several different recordings.
DECCA HEAD series Label, sliver font on red, for those recordings in the 20th century
DECCA Digital Recording – 1st Label, serial starts with SXDL

DECCA Digital Recording – 2nd Label, sliver background with blue fonts, serial starts with number as (XXX XXX-1), like CD serial no
DECCA “The World of” series – 1st label, a Re-Issue series
DECCA “The World of” series – 2nd Label

DECCA phase 4 stereo Label
DECCA phase 4 stereo box set label, sliver font on purple
DECCA mono Label, serial starts with LXT, orange with sliver font

DECCA Eclipse series – 1st Label
DECCA Eclipse series – 2nd Label

DECCA Ace of Diamonds Label, a series of Re-Issue, early Label in this series with “FULL FREQUENCY RANGE RECORDING” printed on the top
DECCA Ace of Diamonds Late Label
DECCA Ace of Clubs Label, MONO recordings
DECCA Dutch Labels

DECCA (Dutch) Narrow Band Label, at the direction of 7 o’clock written “MADE IN HOLLAND”
DECCA (Dutch) Sliver Label
DECCA (Dutch) Red Label, which is under the OEM by Philips. The label design is very similar to the Philips one.

DECCA (USA) – 1st mono label
DECCA (USA) – 1st Label of SAMPLE COPY
DECCA (USA) – 2nd mono label

DECCA (USA) – 1st stereo label