London Records was a record label headquartered in the United Kingdom marketing records in the United States and Latin America from 1947 through the 1980s. London arose from the split in ownership between the British branch of Decca Records and that same company’s USA branch; the “London” label released British Decca records in the USA, since it could not use the “Decca” name there. The London label was also used by British Decca in the UK market to release American labels (such as Imperial Records, Chess Records, Dot Records, Atlantic Records, Specialty Records and Sun Records) which British Decca licensed. In the sixties more licensing deals were made with Big Top Records, Monument Records, Philles Records and Hi Records.

After British Decca was acquired by Polygram in 1979, London followed a more independent course with subsidiary labels as Slash Records, Essential Records and FFRR Records.

When Universal Music (the owner of American Decca) acquired PolyGram in 1998, London Records was acquired by Warner Music Group which licensed the London name from Decca which still owns the trademark.


London – 1st Label (Wide Band -WB), sliver fonts on red, deep groove 2mm away from the label edge, at the direction of 6 o’clock with “Made in England” printed
London – 2nd Label (WB), sliver fonts on red, deep groove which is 15mm away from the label edge

London 1st (Narrow Band – NB) Label, sliver fonts on red, which represents the series of Musical Instruments.  Also, it is the early NB label with “Made in England” at the 11 o’clock position.
London – 2nd NB Label, without groove, “Made in England” written at the 11 o’clock position
London – 3rd Label, “Made in England” printed on top of
“STEREOPHONIC” and left-aligned

London WB Label (Vocal), sliver fonts on black, the groove is 15mm away from the edge
London NB Label (Vocal), sliver fonts on black

London phase 4 stereo Label
London Treasury Series – 1st Label, orange with sliver font, with deep groove from the edge with 15mm
London Treasury Series 2nd Label, orange with sliver fonts