Philips Records is the record label of Dutch electronics giant Philips. It was started as Philips Phonografische Industries (PPI) in 1950. During much of the 1950s, it served to distribute recordings made by the US Columbia Records label in the United Kingdom. In 1962 Philips Records and Deutsche Grammophon were linked into the Phonogram Records joint venture.

In the eighties Philips Classics Records was formed to distribute its classics artists.

Philips Records is currently part of Universal Music.


Philips Minigroove Label, brown with sliver fonts, serial as A xxxxx L
Philips Minigroove 10″ Label, red with sliver fonts, serial as G xxxxx R
Philips mono – 1st Label, after the Minigroove

Philips HI-FI STEREO brown Label, the 1st label design of Philips in the age of Stereo

Philips HI-FI STEREO Red Label
Philips mono 2nd Label, dark brown with sliver fonts
Philips early Stereo Label, dark brown label with sliver fonts

802 XXX series,  , sliver fonts, sliver circles linked each other系列深紅底色,銀字,右邊的兩個銀圈是交錯的
835 XXX series, sliver fonts, sliver circles linked each other (colour of the fonts is darker than late label)系列紅底銀字,右邊的兩個銀圈是交錯的.請注意: PHILIPS的字體比右邊的後期Label粗,底色也比較深
835 XXX servies, , sliver circles linked each other系列紅底銀字,右邊的兩個銀圈是交錯的

6500 XXX series, sliver font on red background, silver circles not linked
9500 XXX series, red with white font, circles not linked, around the mid of 1970s
9502 XXX series Digital Label, white font on red

835 XXX series, sample record label, sliver font on red background, with a white bar written “SAMPLE RECORD – NOT FOR SALE
9500 XXX series, Sample Record 1st Label, sliver font on red background
9502 XXX Sample Record 2nd Label, white font on red background

Re-Issue Series, early label with sliver fonts
Re-Issue series, late label with white font

Philips Label in 1980s, Analog Recording
Philips Label in 1980s, Digital Recordings, “Digital Classics” printed on the upper part at the right hand side